Ciro Pharma Pvt Limited plant at Biotech Park Phase III is aimed at manufacturing anti-cancer drugs for regulatory markets like USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and South America. The products majorly include monoclonal anti bodies, cancer therapeutics in the form of oral solid dosages, capsules, and injunctions. Nutrition and dietary supplements for cancer patients in the form of soft gel capsules is also part of our manufacturing portfolio. The board of directors of Ciro Pharma Pvt Limited are:

Name Designation
Dr. K. Govinda Reddy Managing Director
Smt. K. Harshitha Reddy Director
Sri. Y. Madhusudan Reddy Director
Sri. K. Someshwar Director

TSIIC has allotted plot no. 28 measuring 25763 Sq. Mtr at Bio Tech Park, Phase-III, Karakapatla Village, Siddipet District. The promoters have also purchased additional private land admeasuring 16000 Sq. Mtr and the cost of the land is estimated as INR 10 crores which includes the registration charges and taken into the project cost.


The building is proposed with an estimated cost of INR 66 crores and it is included in the project cost.

Plant & Machinery

The cost of the equipment and other preoperative expenditure is taken as Rs. 112 crores and included in project cost. Preliminary expenditure of Rs. 5 Crores along with working capital Rs. 25 crores is also provided in the project cost.

Cost of the project
Sl. No Particulars Proposed (in crores) INR
1 Land 10.28
2 Building 55.72
3 Plant & Machinery (Indigenous) 112.00
4 Preliminary & Pre-operative Expenses 5.00
5 Working Capital 25.00
TOTAL 208.00
Means of Finance
Sources (In crores) INR
Promoters’ Contribution 57.00
Term loan from Bank 126.00
Working Capital Margin by promoters 6.25
Working Capital Borrowings 18.75
TOTAL 208.00
Quality Policy
  • We at Ciro Pharma Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, Telangana are committed to produce quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceutical finished formulations of oncology products in various dosage forms to meet predetermined standards as specified in various national and international regulatory guidelines.
  • We shall also commit to implement all standards to meet various pharmacopoeias including in-house specifications if any, and other international pharmacopeial tests to meet good laboratory practices (USP, BP, BPC, NF, JP, CP, EP, and IP).
  • We shall also commit to implement total quality management including ICH guidelines, US FDA CFR, c-GMP as per WHO TRS Series to produce high quality products in quality control laboratory for various testing procedures.
  • We shall also commit to strictly adhere all c-GMP principles as per Schedule M of Drugs and Cosmetics Act and to meet tenets of Good Manufacturing Practices for the production of quality, purity, strength, identity, and efficacy of oncology dosage forms.
  • We shall also commit to provide all medical products to have more access, available and affordable prices to serve mankind by ensuring quality assured medicines in international commerce.
Installed Capacity
Product UOM Installed Capacity/ per day
Tablets Nos 12,00,000
Capsules Nos 2,40,000
Injectables (Liquid) Nos 57,600
Injectables (Lyophilised) Nos 15,000
Softgel Nos 12,00,000