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CIRO plant at Biotech Park Phase III is aimed at manufacturing of Anti-Cancer Drugs for regulatory markets like U.S.A, U.K, Europe, Canada and South America.

We are coming up with a state of the art world class exclusive anti-cancer drugs manufacturing plant at Hyderabad.

The products majorly include monoclonal anti bodies, cancer therapeutics in the form of oral solid dosages, capsules and injunctions. Nutrition and dietary supplements for cancer patients in the form of soft gel capsules is also part of our manufacturing portfolio.

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Timely Manufacturing & Delivery
We manufacture our pharma solutions in a scheduled environment with regulatory procedures ensuring timely delivery.
Quality-Assured Medicine
We are dedicated in producing effective and qualified pharma solutions for a chemically advanced and a healthier
Affordable Health solutions
We believe that our health solutions should be accessible to all people. So we create sustainable solutions for all.

Oncology Formulations

Oncology is a branch of medical science focussing its effort on the study of cancer in all its forms. It deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer in all stages. One of the most common tasks in this line of work is the creation of various drugs through the combination of APIs along with other components to test for their efficacy. The compatibility of the drugs is tested and undergoes multiple trials to ensure it's safe and has the intended effect on the patient.

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Softgel Formulations

Softgel has seen growing popularity in recent years as an alternative to regular tablets since it can easily be swallowed by the user. It has found applications in both human and veterinary use. Its defining trait is its ability to encapsulate the formulation while remaining completely inert to it. This ensures there is no untoward reaction upon taking the medication while retaining the drug component for an extended period.

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